FIT in Matias Romero - The Last G12

Matias Romero
Matias Romero, Oaxaca was one of the last places that former NdeM Alco locomotives were being stored. I was sure that by 2009 all the remaining Alcos had been scrapped, but I still wanted to look through the yard and locomotive shops hoping that maybe a locomotive or two still remained. The FIT employees around the station were very friendly and informative. One man who appeared to be in charge of the property anxiously agreed to show me around inside the locomotive shops buildings... although he warned me to be very vigilant of poisonous snakes where we were walking.

The ceiling of the main shops building. The man who lead me through the complex had said that Matias Romero was once the second largest shops complex on the entire NdeM system, behind San Luis Potosi. This was surprising to hear, although I still have not been able to verify that.

Inside the main building, I found it to be completely empty except for one former FNM G12, and EMD export model that was once very common in Mexico. Although the locomotive was obviously not kept in running condition, I had never before seen a G12 and was excited about the find.

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