Around Mexico City

I was excited to ride Mexico City's new Tren Suburbano between Mexico City and Cuautitlán. The electrified passenger line uses two of the four main tracks that extend between Mexico City and Huehuetoca. Leaving Estación Buenavista, the trains give a good view into Pantaco and Valle De Mexico yards - Mexico City's two main freight yards. Additionally, the Tlalnepantla station is adjacent to Avenida Mario Colin with a great overpass for viewing trains around "Valle" and the roundhouse.
The concourse of Estación Buenavista has lost most of the NdeM flavor, but is still impressive facility today.

The electric train-sets use 6 tracks at Estación Buenavista, although primarily only one is used for revenue service.

In the neighborhood of Tlalnepantla, a Tren Suburbano passes the north end of "Valle" yard. The Latino America Building near the Zocalo is visible in the distance.

As viewed from the Av. Mario Colin overpass, a northbound KCSM train pulls through the departure track at Valle de Mexico, making its way to the mainline. Ferrovalle's main terminal buildings are located at this part of the giant yard complex.

A southbound (albeit northbound on Ferrovalle tracks) Ferrosur train enters the mainline.

At dusk, locomotives from 3 of Mexico's four major railroads are visible resting at the Valle de Mexico roundhouse (Ferrosur is not represented). The Polanco towers are visible in the distance.

The Av. Mario Colin overpass gives a good view of operations at the hump.

One of Ferrovalle's many C30-7's switches the south end of the arrival yard while a long cut of cars is shoved over the hump.


wicky said...

Invaluable! Going to Mexico City in December!


Rick in New Jersey

Anonymous said...

So they want to "privatize" the trains in the Istmus of Tehuantepec... how true is it that the tracks are unusable?

wicky said...

According to this video on Youtube, the railroad is operated by a Genesee and Wyoming company.