Ferromex's Linea B

Between Queretaro and Mexico City, Ferromex's Distrito Huichapan (the southern most segment of Linea B) is a windy and mountainous CTC mainline. It crosses two summits between the Bajío and Valle de Mexico. As always, I had a few days to spend along the line while visiting friends in Queretaro.
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Near the town of San Joaquin, Hidalgo, a southbound metalero (unit ore train) has crested the summit of the climb out of the Bajio, and begins the descent toward Huichapan. Below, the mid-train DPU.

A northbound intermodal train is approaching the summit tunnel, which crosses under the state line into Queretaro state.

From the Bernal siding, the famous Peña de Bernal is visible across the valley.

Above the town of San Joaquin, a short northbound intermodal train easily climbs the grade toward the Bajío. Former FNM Super 7's can usually be found working the Ferromex mainline
between Mexico City and Irapuato.

The same intermodal train above the town of Tequisquiapan, Queretaro.

Above the Valle de San Juan del Rio, Linea B makes a horseshoe curve around a point as the tracks enter a canyon that leads to the summit at the Queretaro-Hidalgo state line. Here, a northbound manifest winds down through the horseshoe. If you look closely, Peña de Bernal is visible in the distant haze.

Emerging from the summit tunnel, a southbound train is still pulling over the summit as the head-end begins the descent into Hidalgo.

At Apan siding, a southbound intermodal train overtakes the Loram rail grinder. Interestingly, the crew of the railgrinder was from the US, speaking English on the radio while a Ferromex highrailer handled communicating with the dispatcher for authority.

A southbound intermodal train climbs through the double horseshoe curves at San Nicholas.

At Nopala, a northbound metalero holds the main track to meet a southbound manifest train. The metalero is returning empty from Puebla (via Ferrosur) to Alzada, Colima. When the southbound arrives at the siding, the dispatcher flagged them past the red controlled signal. The crew then proceeded into the siding without ever stopping.

Along the east shore of Presa Nopala, the northbound metalero departs. The KCSM mainline (Linea A) is on the opposite side of the lake on the hillsides to the right.

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