Ferrosur - Mexico City to Apizaco

Most of Ferrosur's mainline from Mexico City to Veracruz is the former FC Mexicano - Mexico's first railroad. After leaving Mexico City on Ferrovalle tracks, Ferrosur trains climb out of the Valle de Mexico into the high valleys of Hidalgo and Tlaxcala. The line, designated by N de M as Linea S crosses several plateaus before descending into the former division point of Apizaco.

After cresting the first grade above the Valle de Mexico, this short southbound is descending through Jaltepec as it approaches the Hidalgo state line.

Ferrosur has an all-GE locomotive roster. After privatization, they opted to sell and trade all of their EMD and Alco engines in favor of a core of C30-7's and Super 7's. They have since invested heavily in large fleet of AC44CW's.

This C30-7 was once the shop switcher at the Valle de Mexico locomotive shops in Mexico City - hence the different pain scheme. It has since been repainted in Ferrosur's green livery.

A southbound has just finished picking up empty autoracks at Irolo, and is on the move again. At Irolo, there is a spur that leads to several manufacturing plants, including a Nissan facility and Bombardier's locomotive assembly plant where EMD locomotives are assembled.

Ferrosur's Linea S crosses KCSM's Mexico-Veracruz line at Calderon.

A leased Ferromex AC44CW leads this southbound though Munoz.

Because of a long northbound manifest moving through Apizaco yard, the dispatcher has instructed this southbound to clear out in Munoz siding. Here, the northbound slowly grinds by on the mainline.

In the shadow of La Malinche - the volcanic peak above Apizaco - a southbound manifest descends into the city of Apizaco.

Apizaco is the junction point with Linea SA, the line to Puebla. This southbound train is setting out a locomotive in Apizaco yard before departing for Puebla. The north leg of the SA wye passes on the opposite side of the depot in the background.

The southbound is seen trundling through town as it depart Apizaco for Puebla on Linea SA.

Continuing south on Linea S, the tracks climb a stiff grade along the base of La Malinche. The summit of this grade is the high-point between Mexico and Veracruz. In this arid altliplano, the line winds though pine trees and alpine-like streams.

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