After a few years away from central Mexico, I finally had a chance in June of this year to get back on the lines radiating out of Mexico City.  For various reasons, I decided to head for KCSdeM's Linea V through the Sierra Madre between Oriental and Xalapa.  But along the way, a quick afternoon on Ferrosur's Linea S proved quite busy with the dispatcher almost constantly issuing track warrants.

 A southbound manifest is in the siding at Apan, Pue as a northbound (presumably a quimico from Coatzacoalcos, Ver) fades away down the mainline.  With a track warrant to depart after the arrival of the northbound, the brakeman then lines the south siding switch to get back on the move.

 At Calderon, Ferrosur's Linea S crosses KCSM's Linea V protected only by stop signs and instructions in the timetable. 

 A southbound climbing out of the steep sag into Muñoz.


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