Arch Bridges of Michoacan

While traveling along the coast of Michoacan in search of surf, I decided to follow Kansas City Southern of Mexico's (KCSM) line inland from the Port of Lazaro Cardenas. Of all the lines in Mexico, I am the least familiar with this line. In the 1970's, the original NdeM line to Uruapan (as well as the the branch to Apatzingan) was extended through the deep and desolate canyons of the Rio Balsas to reach the deep Pacific port. Since then, the port has grown in importance, gaining a respectable position in the west coast maritime shipping industry. Of course, the KCSM line has also seen an increase in importance as containers and other freight is shipped inland.
One of the locations that have always fascinated me is the large steel arch bridge that is on this line near Nueva Italia. At the time, I had only seen two pictures (one in Matt Herson's book) of the bridge, and had a vague idea of where it was located. Since I only had one day to spare, I decided to drive inland with the hope of locating it. After a while wandering back roads near El Marques, I finally pin-pointed the ravine, and eventually made my way to the bridge. Unfortunately, in the next 6 hours of waiting, there was very little action to be found.

After waiting for about 1 hour, I finally heard the dispatcher issuing track warrants to a southbound train that was approaching. About 45 minutes later, I was disappointed to find that it was only a high-rail truck inspecting the line

Later in the afternoon, I heard a local train in Nueva Italia calling the dispatcher. The had finished their work (presumably on the branch to Apatzingan) and were ready to depart north. After being excited about the approaching train, I was again disappointed to find that it was only a single engine returning to the yard in Uruapan. Here is is seen crossing the bridge.

While returning to the autopista, I was surprised to find a second such arch bridge located about 20KM to the north. Unfortunately, this ravine was covered with tall heavy brush, limiting the photographic opportunities.


Anonymous said...

If you came back to Michoacan I can show you some places to take some very nice pictures, I live in Uruapan, please watch my picures here:

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